Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solutions

A successful automotive market introduction

The automotive industry is a highly demanding and competitive market. You need to make an impact in order to make a breakthrough. C4Real has developed a concept for TenCate Advanced Composites in which you are driven past TenCate’s vision while aboard a completely customised hybrid 3D car. This approach has resulted in a major deal for the Alfa Romeo C8.

The concept has been released in a 3D animation, 3D product explorer and a Virtual Reality experience.

Deliverable: Product Video

Client: TenCate

Technology: Virtual Reality , 3D Animation , Interactive 3D

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In a market in which buyers are used to a high standard and deal with a multitude of suppliers, standing out from the crowd is essential. This needs to be done in a way that generates interest in the product portfolio and its benefits.

The challenge in a highly demanding market!

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C4Real has developed 3 tools enabling potential customers to experience how TenCate is contributing towards a sustainable and safe automotive industry. The 3D animation gives a sneak preview in spectacular fashion.

The 3D product explorer makes it possible for the sales and marketing department to get a visual reference on mobile devices concerning various components and USPs.

The Virtual Reality experience using your mobile phone and cardboard VR viewer is felt to be the icing on the cake for maximum impact among the buyers of makes of car.

This approach has resulted in a major deal for the Alfa Romeo C8.

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