Roadside bomb protection

Roadside bomb protection

Contract with Paragon thanks to 3D animation

TenCate Advanced Armour in Denmark has developed a revolutionary innovation in the fight against roadside bombs: the TenCate ABDS system. C4Real developed a 3D product animation enabling customers to see precisely how TenCate can provide a life-saving solution without the need for actual video footage.

Next to the 3D animation, C4Real developed an interactive 3D product explorer which shows the application potential on military vehicles of TenCate products in an interactive way. The application speeds up the sales process and sets a new standard in immersive user experiences for tradeshows and product presentations within the defence industry.

Deliverable: Product Explorer

Client: TenCate

Technology: Interactive 3D , 3D Animation

Roadside bomb protection Detail Image


The solution provided by the revolutionary TenCate ABDS product is extremely difficult to communicate without having it properly in view and without making it too confrontational.

The challenge for C4Real in this project was to show the difference between a tank equipped with the TenCate ABDS and a tank without the product. Enormous differences can be seen between them following the impact of a roadside bomb.

TenCate - Client Logo

C4Real developed a concept that visualises the current disastrous effects of a roadside bomb on a tank and also visualises a situation which makes it clear that the TenCate ABDS system saves lives under the same circumstances.

The 3D product animation is being used to the full during sales presentations for defence delegations and at major defence fairs. Moreover, it is also reinforcing the brand value and innovative spirit of Royal TenCate NV.

The icing on the cake is that this 3D product animation has helped TenCate Advanced Armour win an unprecedentedly large contract with the Pentagon.

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