Formula 1 at the highest level

Formula 1 at the highest level

Powerful Communication without restrictions

To be a supplier to the Formula 1 car industry is to be working at the very highest level. This market is full of NDAs and, making it particularly difficult to communicate anything about it as a result.

TenCate in Langley Mill (UK) asked C4Real to develop an entirely new hybrid Formula 1 car that can be launched to enable communication free from copyright about applications within Formula 1.

Deliverable: Product Video

Client: TenCate

Technology: 3D Animation

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Making solutions visible

Developing a new Formula 1 car is an extremely complex task. Thorough research and state-of-the-art product development are the cornerstones for creating a new car. TenCate wishes to use this car as a means of making its solutions within the Formula 1 market visible to potential Formula 1 teams.

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Cool and exclusive

Following an intensive development period, we developed a hybrid Formula 1 car that had features taken from a whole range of past cars. The car’s presentation was slick and exclusive, using a spectacular 3D animation. 

The 3D animation is being used in sales campaigns and at trade fairs, where it has made a great impression and astonished engineers..

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