Interactive stadium

Interactive stadium

Ticket sale through 3D experience

Heracles Almelo was facing a challenge with regard to ticket sales. C4Real helped Heracles Almelo to create a 3D interactive stadium to stimulate ticket sales and for use in exploring the new stadium.

Supporters can view the field from a number of different vantage points. The system is linked to the ticket sales system, thus enabling supporters to purchase their tickets or subscriptions instantly.

Deliverable: Product Explorer

Client: Heracles

Technology: Virtual Reality , Interactive 3D

Interactive stadium Detail Image


Heracles Almelo has had its existing stadium converted into a new, larger capacity stadium. The result is a lot of additional seating for supporters and these seats have to be sold. The combination of new stadium plus additional supporters highlights the challenge: ticket sales and visualising a stadium that has not yet been completed.

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3D interactive stadium

We developed a 3D interactive stadium to help supporters visualise where they would like to buy tickets: an application for mobile devices that allows supporters to look around the stadium. This experience makes choosing a seat easier and stimulates ticket sales.

For several weeks, the app topped the entertainment charts for the Android App Store in the Netherlands.

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