Look inside the smart watch

Look inside the smart watch


Showcase the opportunities

C4Real invests a lot of time in R&D and on average each year delivers 30 R&D projects. Several of the projects are model examples that showcase the opportunities when using the latest digital technology.

The Smart Watch product experience allows us to show the possibilities when using real time 3D technology for online applications such as websites.

Experience the Smart Watch product explorer!

Deliverable: Case Film

Client: C4Real

Technology: Interactive 3D

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We love a challenge, which is why we’re continually raising the bar ever higher. Thanks to the Smart Watch product explorer, we have developed a visual tool that you can run in your browser without having to install a plug-in.

High-end digital 3D content for websites and online environments. In our view, the next step forward in the online experience.

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Interactive application

Smart Watch user experience is a fully interactive application in which the user can configure the Smart Watch itself and discover the possibilities. In addition to the high experience factor is the completely user behaviour analysis through analytics. So you have the best of both worlds.

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