Visual product introduction a great succes

The Agri sector is gaining momentum in terms of product innovation and its integration of digital technology. C4Real has helped Schuitemaker to give its customers a clear picture regarding the added value of Schuitemaker’s latest product, the Innovado.

Deliverable: Product Video

Client: Schuitemaker

Technology: Movie , 3D Animation

Innovado Detail Image


Schuitemaker’s customers are passionate farmers. The challenge in this project was to draw a clear picture of the Schuitemaker Innovado without its coming across as a complicated product. In essence, which problems does it solve and what is the result for the farmer?

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We developed a 3D product film for the product introduction and Schuitemaker’s sales process. We let the viewer experience what it’s like to spend a day at a farm working with the Innovado. Combining film with 3D images allows us to show clearly the aims for this product and proof of the product in action.

An experience where it is as if the action were taking place at the viewers’ own farms. The product’s benefits, safety and user-friendliness are conveyed in a perfect 3D product film that enables Schuitemaker to introduce potential customers to the Innovado.

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