Vehicle Protection

Vehicle Protection

Helping win major international contracts

TenCate Advanced Armour in Denmark provides protective composite solutions in relation to military vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels. As TenCate’s preferred supplier, C4Real develops a variety of 3D product animations and 3D product explorers to support sales and marketing in terms of sales and brand awareness.

Deliverable: Product Explorer

Client: TenCate

Technology: 3D Animation , Interactive 3D

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As a supplier of materials in the value chain, it is extremely difficult to communicate about its products effectively in relation to the end users. What is the role played by composites?

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Visualising TenCate products in end-user systems is the only way to show their value properly to potential customers.

Our approach employs 3D animation and interactive 3D apps as means of showing how composite solutions provide protection in defence vehicles, naval vessels and aviation. These visual tools have helped the marketing and sales departments at TenCate Advanced Armour to win major international defence contracts.

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